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Arunachal Pradesh State – UPSC Prelims

Arunachal Pradesh: Prime Minister of India extended his wishes to the people of Arunachal Pradesh on its 36th Statehood Day. Through the 55th amendment to the Indian Constitution in 1986, Arunachal Pradesh became the 24th state of the Indian Union on 20th February, 1987. Historical Background: During the British Colonial Rule, until 1972, the state was named as the North-East Frontier Agency (NEFA). On 20th January, …

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Mizoram State – UPSC Prelims

Mizoram State: Prime Minister of India extended his wishes to the people of Mizoram on its 36th Statehood Day (20th February). The formalization of Mizoram State took place on 20th February, 1987 after the 53rd Amendment of the Indian Constitution, 1986. Historical background: The Mizo hills area became the Lushai Hills district within Assam at the time of independence. Further, in 1954 it was renamed …

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Srirama Nagaram – UPSC Prelims

Srirama Nagaram: Srirama Nagaram is the venue of the Statue of Equality. It is the place where 108 Vaishnavite shrines have been set up along with the Statue of Equality. Why in news? The President mentioned that Srirama Nagaram, would become a renowned spiritual destination for people from across the country and abroad.

Galwan River – UPSC Prelims

The Galwan River flows from the disputed Aksai Chin region administered by China to the Ladakh region of India. It originates near the caravan campsite Samzungling on the eastern side of the Karakoram range and flows west to join the Shyok River. The point of confluence is 102 km south of Daulat Beg Oldi. Shyok River itself is a tributary of the Indus River, making Galwan a part of the …

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