IAS4Sure PGP Daily Targets – Day 3

Day 3 Targets

(1) . Today we will focus on only one chapter i.e.  Lakshmikant Polity Chapter 7 : Fundamental Rights

This is one of the most important chapter in Polity. Every year atleast 1-2 MCQs are asked from this chapter alone. You have to focus on each and every statement in this chapter as a question can be formed based on that statement.

There are many exceptions / special provisions which you need to focus on. Try to differentiate between different articles / provisions like “Equality before law” vs “Equal protection of Law”.

This chapter requires many readings to master it. So, if you are not able to understand everything, don’t worry.

(2). Read any One Newspaper

Just read, don’t make notes. We will provide notes from today’s newspaper in your Onenote/ Evernote directly. Notes from today’s newspaper will be uploaded in night.

(3). Attempt Daily Revision Test here .Test will be available at 6:00 PM. You can attempt it anytime after that. Test contains 10 MCQs from above topics and 5 MCQs from yesterday’s current notes. 

(4). If you have time, you can attempt test inside MCQ Factory related to Fundamental Rights.

You can ping your assigned mentors on whatsapp / telegram in case you have any doubts.

Contact 9897588852 via Whatsapp/ Telegram or email to [email protected] if you have any query.

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