What are the benefits of making notes on Evernote?


  • You can edit the same notes, insert new incidents, add examples/ case study or good info graphics. It can’t be done on paper.
  • You can tag notes with syllabus topic name. Reading by tag will help you cover all related topics at one go.
  • Notes are searchable. With time, Evernote will be your personal wiki where you can search any keyword and related notes will come up.
  • Same notes will sync on your laptop and mobile. You can revise in your class while waiting for teacher or traveling.
  • You can share your notes with 2-3 serious guys and collaborate to build best notes.
  • See how our notes look on mobile here


  • If you are simply copy pasting, then notes will become unmanageable and too bulky.
  • Some people has difficulty reading from laptop. You can take print outs though.

Some of the screenshots of IAS4Sure’s Evernote are given below:

(1). Notes Sorted by Date:

Sorted Notes

(2). Search inside Notes:


(3). How notes look:


(4). Related notes are automatically suggested by Evernote Premium:

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