Agriculture Growth

Sensitivity of agriculture sector to monsoon has been moderating due to continued improvement in yield, rising share of irrigation, Increased global linkages Proactive food management policies by government Reason for low inflation despite deficient monsoon: Proactive food management by the government Clamping down on hoarding Allowing imports of pulses Restricted hike in MSP Sharp fall …

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Agriculture and ICT

How can ICT help? ICT is a great tool for faster information dissemination. Thus, new methods, technologies etc. can be  spread quickly via ICT What has government done? Web-based ‘Farmers Portal’ and mobile based ‘mKisan’ SMS portal along with two mobile Apps (‘Kisan Suvidha’ & ‘Pusa Krishi’) have been launched Information is also being disseminated …

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Agriculture and Science and Technolgy

  Facts: Government launched KVK portals for monitoring of farm centres Examine why Krishi Vigyan Kendras were set up and critically evaluate their performance. (200 Words) Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) are the frontline agricultural extension center funded by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). The KVKs focus on training and education of farmers, rural …

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24 X 7 Power

Vidyut PRAVAH The government has launched Vidyut PRAVAH- Electricity, Price Availability and Highlights mobile application. The app is aimed at empowering common people to demand 24X7 power from the states and is expected to take transparency to the next level and make state governments more accountable. The mobile application provides highlights of the power availability in India …

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Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB)

There is a call for granting regulatory independence to the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) by law. Examine why. (200 Words) The Atomic Energy Act, 1962, empowers the central government to produce, develop and use atomic energy. At present, nuclear safety is regulated by theAtomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). Strains in AERB: The AERB is …

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Write a critical note on the objectives and significance of a new scheme – Arya (Attracting and Retaining Youth in Agriculture), launched by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. (200 Words) The Indian Council of Agricultural Research has recently launched ARYA (Attracting and Retaining Youth in Agriculture). The scheme envisages the increasing participation of youth, …

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  India’s first dedicated scientific mission to study sun Will study suns outer most layers – the corona and chromosphere Will yield information for space weather prediction –> useful in satellite operation, electronic interference etc. Will help in understanding corona and solar wind Created with Microsoft OneNote 2016.    

Aerogels – UPSC GS3

What are aerogels? Aerogels are a unique class of open-pore polymer foams that can be prepared from either organic or inorganic precursors. Aerogels are typically prepared using sol-gel chemistry, starting with liquids that form tiny sol particles, which eventually connect together in chain-like fashion to make a semi-solid gel. When the solvent is removed from …

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