XraySetu service – UPSC Prelims

XraySetu Service:
  • XraySetu is an Artificial Intelligence(AI) driven Xray interpretation platform.
  • Purpose: It has been developed to identify COVID-19 positive patients even from low-resolution Chest X-Ray images sent over WhatsApp.
  • Developed by: ARTPARK (AI & Robotics Technology Park) in collaboration with Bangalore-based HealthTech startup Niramai and Indian Institute of Science(IISc).
How does XraySetu work?
  • A doctor takes a phone picture of the Chest X-Ray of a suspected patient.
  • Then the doctor sends the X-Ray pic over to a Whatsapp number of XraySetu via chatbot.
  • At XraySetu end, image review is done for anonymization, and then it is sent to the XraySetu AI service.
  • XraySetu AI Service then analyses the X-ray using specialized machine learning and deep learning algorithms built for detecting unique Covid features in the lungs.
  • After analysing, a full report with a probability of COVID, pneumonia, markings on the lung image is automatically generated.
  • The doctor then receives the report from the same WhatsApp number on his phone. The doctor then reads the report and appropriately advises the patient.
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