Universal Immunization Programme – UPSC Prelims

Ministry/Department :  Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
It is a free vaccination program launched by the Union Government in 1985 against vaccine preventable diseases
Under the Universal Immunization Programme (UIP) 7 vaccines are administered. These vaccines are:
  1. Diptheria,
  2. Pertusis,
  3. Tetanus (DPT),
  4. Polio,
  5. Measles,
  6. Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) (TB),
  7. Hepatitis B
4 new vaccines are added later:
  1. Japanese Encephalitis (JE) (in endemic districts)
  2. Rotavirus (Diarrhoea)
  3. Rubella
  4. Polio (injectable)
Mission Indradhanush is the main programme under this.
The Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare added ameasles-rubella (MR) vaccine in the Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP) in 2017.

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