UN Human Settlements Program or UN-Habitat

  • It is a UN agency responsible for sustainable urban development and human settlements.
  • It is an intergovernmental body
  • It was established in 1978
  • HQ : In UN Office at Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Promotes socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all.
  • It is also a member of UNDP.
  • UN-Habitat works in more than 70 countries in five continents focusing on seven areas:
    • Urban Legislation,
    • Land and Governance;
    • Urban Planning and Design;
    • Urban Economy;
    • Urban Basic Services;
    • Housing and Slum Upgrading;
    • Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation;
    • Urban Research and Capacity Development.
  • India has been unanimously elected as President of UN-Habitat

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