Thunderstroms and duststorms

  • Rainstorms (thunderstroms) and duststorms arise from similar meteorological conditions.
  • They are almost always preceded and caused by spell of intense heat.
  • Thunderstorms occur when atmosphere has moisture and duststorms take place when moisture is not present.
  • Such events take place due to local instability arising out of deviation from normal temperature difference between upper and lower atmosphere.
  • ┬áThus, these events themselves are very localised both in time and space.
  • In recent rainstorms and duststorms cases in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, moist easterly winds from Bay of Bengal reached up to Himachal Pradesh colluded with dry winds from north-westerly direction.
  • The two systems destabilised equilibrium temperature difference between upper and lower layers of atmosphere, leading to conducive conditions for thunderstorm and duststroms.
  • The final trigger, however, is development of largescale air-circulation system. Many parts of India witness build-up of surface heat during this time of year.
  • The places that were hit by recent storms had seen heat-wave like conditions.

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