Tamil Literature – UPSC Prelims

  • Tolkappiyam was authored by Tolkappiyar and is considered the earliest of Tamil literary work.
  • Some in the Tamil tradition place the text in the mythical second sangam, variously in 1st millennium BCE or earlier.
  • It is a unique work on grammar and poetics. It consists of three parts of nine sections each. The three parts deals with Ezhuthu (letter), Col (word) and Porul (subject matter).
  • Almost all levels of the human language, from the spoken to the most poetic, lie within the purview of Tolkappiyar’s analysis.
  • The Tolkappiyam in Hindi was translated by Dr. H. Balasubramaniam and Prof. K. Nachimuthu.
Ettutogai (Eight Anthologies): It consists of eight works – Aingurunooru, Narrinai, Aganaooru, Purananooru, Kuruntogai, Kalittogai, Paripadal and Padirruppatu.
Pattuppattu (Ten Idylls): It consists of ten works – Thirumurugarruppadai, Porunararruppadai, Sirupanarruppadai, Perumpanarruppadai, Mullaippattu, Nedunalvadai, Madurai Kanji, Kurinjippatttu, Pattinappalai and Malaipadukadam.

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