Sustainable Action for Transforming Human capital (SATH)

Ministry/ Department: NITI Ayog
NITI Aayog under the SATH initiative plans to identify and build three future ‘role model’ states for health systems.
The vision of the program is to initiate transformation in the education and health sectors. The program addresses the need expressed by many states for technical support from NITI.
  • NITI Ayog will identify three states and will work with them
  • It will help in designing a robust roadmap, develop a program governance structure, establish monitoring and tracking mechanisms, and provide support to the state institutions to achieve the end objectives.
  • SATH program will be implemented by NITI Aayog along with McKinsey & Company and IPE Global consortium
NOTE: You can use SATH in your answers related to NITI Ayog, Cooperative Federalism or Centre State Relations.

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