State of the Climate report 2021 – UPSC Prelims

State of the Climate report 2021:
  • The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has released the State of the Climate report 2021.
  • The State of the Climate report provides a snapshot of climate indicators including temperatures, extreme weather events, sea level rises and ocean conditions.
What are the key findings of the State of the Climate report 2021?
  • Temperature: 2021 will be between the 5th and 7th warmest year on record and 2015 to 2021 will be the seven warmest years on record.
  • 2021 is less warm than in recent years due to the influence of a moderate La Niña at the start of the year.
  • Sea Level Rise: Global sea-level rise has accelerated since 2013 and has reached a new high in 2021 due to continued ocean warming and ocean acidification.
  • Extreme Events are becoming a norm: The report has listed some of the extreme events that have been experienced around the world this year:
    • It rained rather than snowed, for the first time on record at the peak of the Greenland ice sheet.
    • A heatwave in Canada and adjacent parts of the USA pushed temperatures to nearly 50 °C in a village in British Columbia.
    • Death Valley, California reached 54.4 °C during one of the multiple heatwaves in the south-western USA.
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