Special Frontier Force – UPSC Prelims

  • Special Frontier Force(SFF): 
    • It was raised in the immediate aftermath of the 1962 Sino-India war.
    • It was a covert outfit which recruited Tibetans (now it has a mixture of Tibetans and Gorkhas) and initially went by the name of Establishment 22.
  • Nodal Ministry: 
    • STF falls under the purview of the Cabinet Secretariat where it is headed by an Inspector General who is an Army officer of the rank of Major General.
    • The units that comprise the SFF are known as Vikas battalions.
  • Are SFF units part of the Army? 
    • Strictly speaking, the SFF units are not part of the Army but they function under operational control of the Army.
    • The units have their own rank structures which have equivalent status with Army ranks.
  • Major Operations by SFF: 
    • There are several operations in which SFF units have taken part over the years.
    • They took part in operations in the 1971 war, Operation Blue Star in Golden Temple Amritsar, Kargil conflict and in counter-insurgency operations in the country.

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