Solicitor General of India

  • Solicitor General is the second highest law officer in the country.
  • He is subordinate to the Attorney General of India, the highest law officer and works under him.
  • He also advises the government in legal matters.
  • Solicitor general is appointed for period of three years by Appointment Committee of Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister.
  • Note:  Office and duties of Attorney General is created by Constitution under Article 76.
  • While, Solicitor General and Additional Solicitor Generals’ office and duties are governed by Law Officers (Conditions of Service) Rules, 1987 and not by Constitution (thus they are statutory  posts and not constitutional).
  • Moreover, attorney generals has  right to participate in the proceedings of Parliament, but cannot vote.  
  • Whereas, Solicitor General and Additional Solicitor Generals’ do not have these rights wrt to participation in parliament.