SDG Urban India index – UPSC Prelims

SDG Urban India index:
  • Developed by: NITI Aayog in collaboration with GIZ and BMZ under the umbrella of Indo-German Development Cooperation.
  • Purpose: It is an SDG progress monitoring tool at the Urban Local Bodies(ULB) level.
  • Methodology: For each SDG, the urban areas are ranked on a scale of 0-100. A score of 100 implies that the urban area has achieved the targets set for 2030; a score of 0 implies that it is the farthest from achieving the targets among the selected urban areas.
  • Categories: The areas with scores between 0 and 49 have been ranked as aspirants, those with 50-64 are termed as performers, 65-99 are called front-runners and the ones with perfect scores are called achievers.
  • Significance: The index and dashboard will further strengthen SDG localization and institute robust SDG monitoring at the city level.
What are the key rankings?
  • Not a single urban area has achieved a perfect score.
  • Shimla has topped the index.
  • Bottom Dhanbad.
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