Salar Masud – UPSC Prelims

Salar Masud:
  • Salar Masud was also known as Ghazi Mian.
  • He acquired popularity as a warrior in the 12th century.
  • He was the nephew of the 11th-century Turkik invader, Mahmud of Ghazni.
  • His tomb at Bahraich in Uttar Pradesh stands as a place of pilgrimage for a large number of Muslims as well as Hindus.
  • The most comprehensive source of information about Ghazi Mian is the Mirat-e-Masaud (Mirror of Masaud), a 17th-century Persian hagiography written by Abdur Rahman Chisti, a Sufi saint of the Chisti order.
  • Abdur Rahman had also asserted that Masud was the disciple of Sheikh Moinuddin Chisti, the founder of the Chistiya order of Sunni mysticism.
  • Mughal emperor Akbar is known to have made a land grant in 1571 CE for maintaining Ghazi Miyan’s shrine.
  • Link between Maharaja Suheldev and Salar Masud: Maharaja Suheldev was the erstwhile ruler of Shravasti in Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich district who ruled in the 11th century. He is known to have defeated and killed Ghazi Salar Masud in battle in Bahraich in 1034 AD.
  • Why in News? Mentioned by PM in his speech

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