Sagarmala scheme – UPSC Prelims

Ministry/Department : Ministry of Shipping
Objective: To promote port-led direct and indirect development and to provide infrastructure to transport goods to and from ports quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively
Scheme :
  • Three pillars:
    • Supporting and enabling Port-led Development
    • Port Infrastructure Enhancement, including modernization and setting up of new ports, and
    • Efficient Evacuation to and from hinterland.
  • The programme aims to promote port-led development in the country by harnessing India’s 7,500-km long coastline, 14,500-km of potentially navigable waterways and strategic location on key international maritime trade routes.
  • It envisages transforming existing ports into modern world class ports as well as developing new ones.
  • It also aims to develop efficient evacuation systems through road, rail, inland and coastal waterways.
Factual Information :
  • Approved in 2015

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