Rani Bhabani – UPSC Prelims

Rani Bhabani:
  • Rani Bhabani was from Bengal. She was married to Raja Ramkanta Ray, the zamindar of the Natore estate in Rajshahi (present-day Bangladesh).
  • After the death of her husband in 1748, the zamindari passed on to the hands of Bhabani, making her one among the very few women zamindars of the time.
  • Bhabani is remembered most for her philanthropic efforts.
  • She is known to have built schools, roadways and water tanks across the Rajshahi district.
  • She is believed to have built more than 350 temples.
  • She is also known to have built the Durga Kund Mandir in Varanasi.
  • She also desired to build a Kashi in Bengal and, consequently, in 1755 a complex consisting of a dozen temples was built in Murshidabad.
  • Why in News? Mentioned by PM in his speech

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