Procedure of changing name of state

  • Process for changing the name of a state can be initiated by state itself.
  • However, by virtue of article 3 of Constitution, Parliament has power to change name of state even if such proposal does not come from the concerned state.
  • If initiated by state assembly, it will first pass a resolution for such change and this passed resolution will be sent to Central government (Union Home Ministry).
  • Then Union Home Ministry prepares note for Union Cabinet for amendment to Schedule 1 of Constitution.
  • Thereafter, Constitution Amendment Bill is introduced in Parliament under Article 3 of Constitution, which has to be approved with simple majority, before President gives his assent to it.
  • Thereafter name of state will be changed.
  • The example of such change is change in name of Orissa to Odisha.
  • The Government of Orissa initiated this change in 2008 when it forwarded resolution passed by State Legislative Assembly to Union Government to change name of state from Orissa to Odisha.
  • This bill was passed by Parliament as Orissa (Alteration of Name) Act, 2010 to rename state.

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