Parliamentary Committees

There are different types of parliamentary committees

  • Consultative committees for different ministries which provide a forum for discussion on the policies and the working of the ministry
  • The Select or Joint select Committees on individual bills for investigation or inquiry.
  • The Parliament may appoint a committee for specific purpose of studying a particular subject matter for example, a committee for the welfare of Scheduled caste and scheduled tribes.
  • There are committees to inquire into the various matters like the Committee of Petitions and the Committee of Privileges, the Committee to Scrutinize or the Committee of Government assurance and Committee on Subordinate Legislation.
  • There are also committees of administrative character relating to the business of House such as Committee on absence of Members from the sittings of the House, Business Advisory Committee and Rules Committee.
  • A few committees are concerned with the facilities of a Member of Parliament like the House Committee and Library committee.
  • However, the most important committees include the financial committees such as Estimates committee, Public Accounts Committee and the Committee on Public Undertakings.

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