Outer Space Treaty 1967 – UPSC Prelims

Outer Space Treaty, 1967:
  • The treaty provides the basic framework for international space law.
  • The exploration and use of outer space shall be carried out for the benefit and in the interests of all countries and shall be the province of all mankind.
  • Outer space shall be free for exploration and use by all States.
  • Outer space is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means.
  • States shall not place nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction in orbit or on celestial bodies or station them in outer space in any other manner.
  • The Moon and other celestial bodies shall be used exclusively for peaceful purposes.
  • Astronauts shall be regarded as the envoys of mankind.
  • States shall be responsible for national space activities whether carried out by governmental or non-governmental activities.
  • States shall be liable for damage caused by their space objects.
  • States shall avoid harmful contamination of space and celestial bodies.

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