Natural gas

Natural Gas:

  • Natural gas is a superior fuel as compared with coal and other liquid fuels, as it is environment friendly, safer and cheaper fuel.
  • It can be supplied through pipelines and hence, there is no need to store cylinders in kitchen and thus saves space.
  • It is environment friendly fuel and its usage as domestic kitchen fuel, as fuel for transport sector as well as fuel for industries and commercial units can play a significant role in reducing carbon emission.
  • It is 60% cheaper compared with petrol and around 45% cheaper when compared with Diesel.



  • Currently, share of natural gas in India’s energy mix is just over 6% and aim is to reach 15% figure for moving towards gas based economy, while world average is 24%.
  • India aims to bring down its carbon emission level and number of initiatives have been taken in this direction such as BS VI fuel, bio-energy, LED bulbs, International Solar Alliance (ISA), Pradhan Mantri Ujjawala Yojana and providing clean piped gas supply to more cities.
  • India is also enhancing LNG terminal capacity, renegotiating Indo-Qatar Gas deal and encouraging positive Indo-US engagement in this direction.
  • It is not only focussing on increasing use and supply of gas, but also on producing gas through agro-wastes and other products and including same into City Gas Distribution (CGD) network.
  • It has also increased its focus on promoting the usage of environment-friendly clean fuel, natural gas as fuel and feedstock across country to move towards gas based economy.