National Viral Hepatitis Control Programme

Ministry/Department : Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Aims to control viral hepatitis C
  • The programme aims at both prevention and treatment of hepatitis which is among leading causes of liver cancer, cirrhosis of liver and acute liver failure.
  • It aims to treat minimum of 3 lakh hepatitis C cases over a period of three years for eliminating deadly condition by 2030.
  • The programme is part of National Health Mission.
  • Under it, expensive antiviral for hepatitis B and C infections will be made available free of cost at all government hospitals.
  • It will set up and upgrade facilities for diagnosis and treatment primarily of hepatitis B and C.
  • These designated treatment centres will provide free anti-viral to hepatitis C patients.
  • They will also provide hepatitis B vaccine to babies born to mothers carrying the virus within 24 hours of birth.


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