National Technical Textiles Mission – UPSC Prelims

Ministry : Ministry of Textiles
Aim to position the country as a global leader in technical textiles and increase the use of technical textiles in the domestic market.
  • Launched in 2020.
  • Aims at take domestic market size to USD 40 billion – USD 50 billion by 2024.
  • It will be implemented for four years starting from 2020-2021 and has four components:
    1. R&D : The research will be at both fibre level and application-based in geo, agro, medical, sports and mobile textiles and development of biodegradable technical textiles. Research activities will also focus on the development of indigenous machinery and process equipment.
    2. Market : It is for the promotion and development of the market for technical textiles.
    3. Export Promotion : It focuses on export promotion so that technical textile exports from the country reach from Rs.14,000 crores to Rs. 20,000 crores by 2021-2022 and will ensure 10% average growth every year till the Mission ends.
    4. Skill Development : It focuses on education, training and skill development.
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