National Housing Bank (NHB)

  • NHB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
  • It was set up on 9 July 1988 under the National Housing Bank Act, 1987
  • NHB is an apex financial institution for housing.
  • NHB has been established with an objective to operate as a principal agency to promote housing finance institutions both at local and regional levels and to provide financial and other support incidental to such institutions and for matters connected therewith.
  • NHB registers, regulates and supervises Housing Finance Company (HFCs), keeps surveillance through On-site & Off-site Mechanisms and co-ordinates with other Regulators.
NHB Residex:
  • It is a set of benchmarks that aims to track housing price indicators across Indian cities.
  • It is designed by a technical advisory committee comprising Government representatives, lenders and property market player.



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