National Health Mission (NHM)

Ministry/Department : Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
The National Health Mission (NHM) has two Sub-Missions :
  1. National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) covering urban areas
  2. National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) covering rural areas
The broad objectives of this mission are as follows:
  • Reduce MMR to 1/1000 live births
  • Reduce IMR to 25/1000 live births
  • Reduce TFR (Total Fertility Rate ) to 2.1
  • Prevention and reduction of anaemia in women aged 15–49 years
  • Prevent and reduce mortality & morbidity from communicable, non-communicable; injuries and emerging diseases
  • Reduce household out-of-pocket expenditure on total health care expenditure
  • Reduce annual incidence and mortality from Tuberculosis by half
  • Reduce prevalence of Leprosy to <1/10000 population and incidence to zero in all districts
  • Annual Malaria Incidence to be <1/1000
  • Less than 1 per cent microfilaria prevalence in all districts
  • Kala-azar Elimination by 2015, <1 case per 10000 population in all blocks
Factual Information:
  • Started in 2013
  • Initially, NRHM was launched in 2005 to strengthen public health care system in the rural areas
  • Public health being a state subject, support is being provided under NHM to the States/UTs for strengthening their health care delivery systems

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