National Commission for SC

    • The Constitution (65th Amendment) Act 1990, amended Article 338 of the Constitution.
  • 89th Amendment, 2003:
    • By this amendment, the erstwhile National Commission for SC and ST was replaced by two separate Commissions from the year 2004 which were: National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC) and National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST)– under Article 338-A.
It consists of:
  • Chairperson.
  • Vice-chairperson.
  • Three other members.
They are appointed by the President by warrant under his hand and seal.
  • Monitoring and investigating all issues concerning the safeguards provided for the SCs under the constitution.
  • Enquiring into complaints relating to the deprivation of the rights and safeguards of the SCs.
  • Taking part in and advising the central or state governments with respect to the planning of socio-economic development of the SCs.
  • Regular reporting to the President of the country on the implementation of these safeguards.
  • Recommending steps to be taken to further the socio-economic development and other welfare activities of the SCs.
  • Any other function with respect to the welfare, protection, development and advancement of the SC community.
  • The Commission is also required to discharge similar functions with regard to the Anglo-Indian Community as it does with respect to the SCs.
  • Till 2018, the commission was also required to discharge similar functions with regard to the other backward classes (OBCs). It was relieved from this responsibility by the 102nd Amendment Act of 2018.

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