Mihir : High Performance Computing Facility

Mihir : High Performance Computing Facility
  • Mihir is a high performance computer system (HPC) or supercomputer 
  • Inaugurated by Ministry of Earth Science (MoES) in NOIDA
  • The HPC will provide facility for improving weather/climate forecasts.
  • It is country’s largest HPC facility in terms of peak capacity and performance.
  • It also propelled India’s ranking to Top 30 in the list of HPC facilities in world.
  • Mihir HPC facility will improve following services
    • Weather forecasts at block level over India which can predict extreme weather events.
    • High resolution seasonal and extended range forecasts of active and break spells of Monsoon.
    • Very high resolution coupled models for prediction of cyclones with more accuracy and lead time.
    • Ocean state forecasts including marine water quality forecasts at very high resolution.
    • Tsunami forecasts with greater lead time.
    • Air quality forecasts for various cities.
    • Climate projections at very high resolution.

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