Ministry/Department :  Ministry of Rural Development
Objective: To enhance the livelihood security of people in rural areas by guaranteeing 100 days of wage-employment in a financial year to a rural household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work
  • It is a social security measure that aims to guarantee the ‘right to work
  • All willing rural citizens are eligible
  • Focuses on durable assets as per local needs
  • Act provides for social audit of performance at least once in every six months
  • Wages are linked to Consumer Price Index (Agriculture Labour)
  • Employment is to be provided within 5 km of an applicant’s residence, and minimum wages are to be paid.
  • If work is not provided within 15 days of applying, applicants are entitled to an unemployment allowance.
  • MGNREGA is to be implemented mainly by gram panchayats.
  • Labour-intensive tasks like creating infrastructure for water harvesting, drought relief and flood control are preferred
  • The central government bears the full cost of unskilled labour, and 75% of the cost of material (the rest is borne by the states).
Factual Information:
  • Started in 2006
  • Has legal backing of MGNREGA Act
  • Scheduled Caste workers has consistently been about 20%
  • Scheduled Tribe workers has been about 17%
  • Statutory minimum limit for women share of work is 33%. This limit has been crossed all along.
  • More than 65% of the works taken up under the programme are linked to agriculture and allied activities

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