Kukis Ethnic Group / Tribes – UPSC Prelims

Kuki Ethnic Group / Tribes:
  • The Kukis are an ethnic group including multiple tribes originally inhabiting the North-Eastern states of India such as Manipur, Mizoram and Assam; parts of Burma (now Myanmar), and Sylhet district and Chittagong hill tracts of Bangladesh.
  • Kuki is not a term coined by the ethnic group itself. The tribes associated with it came to be generically called Kuki under colonial rule.
  • In Manipur, the various Kuki tribes, living mainly in the hills, currently make up 30% of the total population of the State.
  • Traditionally the Kuki lived in small settlements in the jungles, each ruled by its own chief.
  • The youngest son of the chief inherited his father’s property, while the other sons were provided with wives from the village and sent out to found villages of their own.
  • The Kuki live an isolated existence in the bamboo forests, which provide them with their building and handicraft materials.
  • They grow rice, first burning off the jungle to clear the ground.
  • They hunt wild animals and keep dogs, pigs, buffalo, goats, and poultry.
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