Koya Tribe – UPSC Prelims

Koya Tribe:
  • Koya tribe is the largest adivasi tribe of Telangana and listed as Scheduled Tribe in Telangana.
  • The community is spread across Telugu speaking states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Koyas popularly call themselves as Dorala Sattam (Lords group) and Putta Dora (original lords). Koyas call themselves “Koitur” in their dialect, like Gonds.
  • Habitat and livelihood:
    • The Godavari and Sabari rivers which are flowing through their area of habitation exercise profound influence on Koyas’ economic, social and cultural life.
    • The Koyas are mainly settled cultivators. They grow Jowar, Ragi, Bajra and other millets.
  • Language:
    • Many koya People have forgotten their Koya Dialect and adopted Telugu as their mother tongue but some in other parts still speak Koya dialect.
  • Religion and festival:
    • Lord Bhima, Korra Rajulu, Mamili and Potaraju are the important deities to Koyas.
    • Their main festivals are Vijji Pandum (seeds charming festival) and Kondala Kolupu (festival to appease Hill deities).
    • Koyas perform a robust colourful dance called Permakok ata (Bison horn dance) during festivals and marriage ceremonies.
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