Inter State Council

What is ISC?
  • The Inter-State Council is a constitutional body to facilitate coordination between states and the centre
  • It is a recommendatory body to investigate and discuss subjects, in which some or all of the states or the Central government have a common interest.
  • It is set up on the basis of provisions in Article 263 of the Constitution of India by a Presidential Order, 1990 based on the recommendation of Sarkaria Commission.
  • The Inter-state council is not a permanent constitutional body for coordination between the states and Central government. Rather, President can establish it at any time if it appears to him that the public interests would be served by the establishment of such a council
Why in news?
  • The Union Government has reconstituted the Inter State Council (ISC) and the Standing Committee of the ISC under Clause 2 of the Inter State Council order,1990.
What is the composition of new ISC?
  • Members: Chief Ministers of all states and Union Territories (having legislative Assembly), Six Union Ministers.
  • Besides, administrators of Union Territories which do not have legislative Assembly are also members of the Council.
  • Six Union Ministers: Home Minister, Finance Minister, Defence Minister, External Affairs Minister, Minister for Information and Broadcasting and Road Transport Highways and Shipping Minister.
  • ISC is headed by Prime Minister (Chairman)
  • The Standing Committee of the Inter State Council will be headed by Union Minister of Home Affairs
About standing committee of Interstate council:
  • The standing committee of Interstate council is constituted under the chairmanship of Union Home Minister.
  • Apart from Home minister the committee consists of 5 union cabinet ministers and 9 chief Ministers.
  • The key functions of standing committee include:
    • To monitor the implementation of decisions taken on the recommendations of the Interstate Council an
    • To process all matters relating to Centre State Relations before they are taken up for consideration in the inter-State Council.
    • To consider any other matter referred to it by the Chairman/Interstate Council.

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