Integrated Case Management Information System (ICMIS)

  • It is a digital case management system adopted by Supreme Court
  • It will help in making SC a paperless, digital court
  • Subsequently, all High Courts, District Courts, Sub-Division Courts will be integrated with the new system.
  • Later on, all the jails in the country will be Integrated by ICMIS software.
  • ICMIS will help litigants access data and obtain information about the filing, delays etc. 
  • It would pave way for the integration of all courts in the country.
  • The appellants hereafter is not required to file the records as the records will be picked up electronically from trial courts and high courts.
  • The digital filing system will also help in ushering transparency as nothing can be manipulated with this paperless system. 
  • Also, the litigants will be able to know the progress of the case on real time basis.

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