Information Fusion Centre – Indian Ocean Region (IFC-IOR)

  • The Defence Minister of India inaugurated IFC-IOR in Gurugram.
  • The IFC for Indian Ocean Region has the primary objective of jointly monitoring the vast Indian Ocean Region.
  • The Indian Ocean which is increasingly becoming the bone of contention between different countries, also suffers threats from natural disasters, piracy, terrorism and trafficking.
  • IFC-IOR will provide a way to tackle these challenges through collaborative and cooperative efforts.
  • Internationally, India has White Shipping Agreements with 36 countries, and three multinational agencies which provides details of all commercial ships passing through the ports in their region.
  • India also gathers information inputs from long range identification and tracking mechanism under the International Maritime Organisation.
  • Such diverse and complex data is fused together by a software to produce into a “common operating picture”.
  • The fact that more than 75% of the world’s maritime trade and 50% of global oil consumption passes through the Indian Ocean Region proves the significance of guarding the IOR.   

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