India’s Missions in Arctic and Antarctic – UPSC Prelims

India’s Arctic Missions:
  • India launched its first scientific expedition to the Arctic Ocean in 2007.
  • India opened a research base named “Himadri” in Svalbard, Norway in July 2008 to carry out studies in disciplines like Glaciology, Atmospheric sciences & Biological sciences.

India’s Antarctic Missions:
  • India officially acceded to the Antarctic Treaty System on 1st August 1983.
  • On 12th September 1983, India became the fifteenth Consultative Member of the Antarctic Treaty.
  • India is expanding its infrastructure development in Antarctica.
  • The newest base commissioned in 2015 is Bharati.
  • India is rebuilding its station, Maitri, to make it bigger and last for at least 30 more years.
  • Dakshin Gangotri, the first Indian base established in 1984, has weakened and become just a supply base.
  • Sagar Nidhi: In 2008, India commissioned the Sagar Nidhi, for research.
  • It is an ice-class vessel, it can cut through the thin ice of 40 cm depth and is the first Indian vessel to navigate Antarctic waters.

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