Himalayan Griffon Vultures

Himalayan Griffon vultures
  • IUCN Status : Near Threatened.
  • Distribution Range:
    • The Himalayan vulture mostly lives in the Himalayas on the Tibetan plateau (India, Nepal and Bhutan, central China and Mongolia).
    • It is also found in the Central Asian mountains (from Kazakhstan and Afghanistan in the west to western China and Mongolia in the east).
    • Occasionally it migrates to northern India but migration usually only occurs altitudinally.
  • Why vultures dying? Because of Diclofenac. It is a drug given to cattle in inflammation and pain. Vultures are not able to break down Diclofenac and die of renal failure or kidney failure after eating carcasses of cattle administered with the drug.
  • What Government is doing?
    • The Diclofenac drug was banned by Union Government of India for veterinary use in 2006. It was banned to bring down prevalence of the drug in cattle carcasses and make the environment safe for vultures.
    • Later in July 2015, the multi-dose vials of Diclofenac drug for human use were banned by the Drug Controller General of India

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