H1B Visa vs L1 Visa

  • An L1 Visa (Intra-Company Transferee Visa), grants entry into the United States to a foreign worker who has demonstrated competency as a manager, executive and/or possesses specialized knowledge of procedures integral to the operation of a U.S based enterprise. This visa is most commonly obtained by individuals who are employed by multinational companies.
  • Like the L1, an H1B visa is also a nonimmigrant visa which permits foreign workers to enter into to U.S. to carry out the functions of a company, however, the individual must possess knowledge either theoretical or technical in a specialty occupation field. Examples of such include, but are not limited to:
    1. Engineering
    2. Medicine
    3. Science
    4. Mathematics
    5. Architecture
Not  limited to MNCs – any U.S.  employer may seek the skills of a foreign worker
Limited  to MNCs
Requires  Specific Degree
Does  not require Specific Degree
The H1B  regular cap is 65,000 with an extra 20,000 reserved for those who have  completed their Master’s from a US university.
No  limits to the number of L1s approved every year
Have to  be paid the prevailing wage or actual wage
No such  requirement
6 yrs  plus extension
7 yrs  and no extension
Need to  demonstrate lack of availability of domestic workers
No Need  to do so
Can  also do but is authorized by executive action and therefore not permanent
Spouse  (L2 visa) can apply for Jobs

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