Gujarat Tribal Massacre 1922 – UPSC Prelims

Gujarat Tribal Massacre 1922:
  • In 1922 in Pal and Dadhvaav villages of North Gujarat’s Sabarkantha district, the Britishers massacred about 1,200 tribals who had assembled under the leadership of Motilal Tejawat, to protest against the land revenue system imposed by the British and the feudal lords.
  • Soldiers from Mewad Bhil Corps under direction from its officer, Major H.G. Saturn, indulged in unprovoked firing on the tribals.
  • This incident is considered worse than Jallianwala Bagh massacre of 1919.
  • Why in news? The state of Gujarat will highlight this incident on its Republic Day Parade tableau. The tableau aims to present the story of bravery and sacrifice of the tribals.

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