• Glonass is Russian Satellite Navigation System considered as counterpart to GPS of US, Galileo of European Union (EU) and Beidou of China.
  • It is being used by military as well as commercial customers.
  • It provides real time position and velocity determination at accuracy that can be compared to that of GPS.
  • It has accuracy of 100 meters as part of public segment and 10 to 20 meters for military users.
  • Its time accuracy is under 1000 nanoseconds.
  • Glonass Program started back in 1976 when development was initiated.
  • The first Glonass launch took place in 1982 and the constellation became fully operational in 1995.
  • Currently, second generation Glonass-M satellites as well as Glonass-K1 satellites are in service.
  • Glonass-K2 and KM satellites are under development. - Glonass

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