Global Risks Report 2019

  • Report release by World Economic Forum (WEF)¬†
  • It describes changes occurring in the global risks landscape from year to year and identifies¬†global catastrophic risks.
  • The report also examines the interconnectedness of risks and considers how the strategies for the mitigation of global risks might be structured.
  • The top-five risk trends identified by the Survey are :
    • changing climate;
    • rising cyber dependency;
    • increasing polarisation of societies;
    • rising income and wealth disparity; and
    • increasing national sentiment.
  • The list of biggest risks to likelihood is topped by extreme weather events such as floods and storms, followed by failure of climate-change mitigation and adaptation, major natural disasters like earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption and geomagnetic storms; the massive incident of data fraud/theft; and large-scale cyber attacks.

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