Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2022 – UPSC Prelims

Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2022:
  • Released by World Economic Forum.
  • Purpose:
    • The report gives insights on near-term future cybersecurity challenges and develops actionable solutions to address them.
    • The report also highlights measures that need to be taken to enhance cyber resilience within organisations and the wider ecosystem.
  • Key Findings: The accelerating pace of digitalisation fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic has led to:
    • 151% surge in Global ransomware attacks in 2021 and
    • An average of 270 cyberattacks per organisation in 2021, a 31% increase over 2020.
  • Cyber security leaders around the globe have listed ransomware, identity theft and critical infrastructure failure among their top personal cyber risk concerns.
  • Cyber incidents are becoming costly and damaging, sometimes even paralysing critical services and infrastructure.
  • Companies need 280 days on average to identify and respond to a cyberattack. To put this into perspective, an incident that occurs on January 1, may not be fully contained until October 8.
  • Solutions Suggested:
    • Prioritise cybersecurity in all domains of society and the economy.
    • Anticipate, recover and adapt quickly to cyber incidents.
    • Shift from a cyber-defensive posture to a stronger cyber-resilience position, i.e. to anticipate attacks and be prepared for likely digital shocks.
    • Mobilise a global response to address systemic cybersecurity challenges and ensure no communication or coordination gaps between cybersecurity and business leaders.

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