Geographical Indication Tag

What is Geographical Indication?

  • Geographical Indication is a genre of Intellectual Property.
  • GI tag is an insignia on products having a unique geographical origin and evolution over centuries with regards to its special quality or reputation attributes.
  • The status to the products marks its authenticity and ensures that registered authorised users are allowed to use the popular product name.
  • These could be naturally grown crops like Assam Chilies or manufactured products like Jaipur Pottery.
  • GI tags are given on the basis of the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999.
  • The registration of GI is valid for 10 years after which it needs to be renewed.
  • Violation of GI tags is punishable offence under law.


What are the benefits of a GI Tag?

  • Legal protection to the products
  • Prevents unauthorised use of a GI tag products by others
  • Helps consumers to get quality products of desired traits
  • Promotes economic prosperity of producers of GI tag goods by enhancing their demand in national and international markets.
  • The GI tag allows the producers of the objects to claim a premium for their products. Thus, it is financially beneficial to them.
  • The GI tag can also pique interest of consumers and thus raise demand for a product again benefiting the producer.


What are the legalities related to GI Tag?

  • It is covered as an element of intellectual property rights (IPRs) under the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property.
  • At international level, GI is governed by World Trade Organisation’s (WTO’s) Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).
  • In India, GI registration is governed by the Geographical Indications of goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999.
  • This Act is administered by Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks, who is also Registrar of Geographical Indications and is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.



  • Darjeeling tea was the first product to accorded with GI tag in India.



Why in news?

  • Odisha and West Bengal are fighting for GI of Rosogolla
  • Nilambur Teak of Kerala is awarded GI tag.
  • Gobindobhog rice has been granted GI tag
  • Seven commodities were granted Geographical Indication (GI) this year by the Indian patent office. It includes :
    • Banaganapalle mangoes (Andhra Pradesh),
    • Tulaipanji rice (West Bengal),
    • Pochampally Ikat (Telangana),
    • Gobindobhog rice (West Bengal),
    • Durgi stone carvings and Etikoppaka toys (Andhra Pradesh)
    • Chakshesang shawl (Nagaland).
  • Alphonso mango from 5 districts of Maharashtra gets GI Tag.
  • DIPP has unveiled a tricolour logo for geographical indication (GI) certified products. The logo has tagline “Invaluable Treasures of Incredible India” printed below it. - Geographical Indication

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