Gender Gap Report 2016

  • India ranked 87/144 countries
  • India has climbed 21 spots from 108th position in 2015.
  • Report is released by World Economic Forum
  • The report measures gender gap as progress towards parity between men and women in four areas
    1. Educational attainment,
    2. Health and survival,
    3. Economic opportunity and
    4. Political empowerment.
  • Iceland is ranked 1st
India related comments:
  • In this edition India has overtaken China which is ranked 99th.
  • The improvement in India’s ranking is driven largely by major improvements in education, where it has managed to close its gap entirely in primary and secondary education.
  • In case of education attainment, India has made considerable strides moving up from 125th rank in 2015 to 113th in 2016.
  • On economic participation and opportunity too, India has moved up to 136th rank in 2016, from 139th in the year 2015.
  • On health and survival, India has made little progress moving up by one place to 142nd rank compared to 141st in 2015.
  • On political empowerment, India continues to be ranked 9th in the world.

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