Gaj Yatra

Gaj Yatra Campaign
  • It is a nationwide campaign to protect elephants launched by Ministry of Environment and Forest.
  • The campaign is planned to cover 12 elephant range states across the country.
  • It is a 15 months campaign led by the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI).
  • The campaign aims create awareness about elephant corridors to encourage free movement in their habitat,
  • During the period of the campaign, artists and craftsmen will create life-size works on the theme of elephants in places along the route of the roadshow using local art and craft.
  • As per the available population estimates, there are about 400,000 African elephants and 40,000 Asian elephants across the globe.
  • Asian elephants are listed as “endangered” and African elephants are listed as “vulnerable” in the IUCN Red List of threatened species.



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