Fundamental Rights of Foreigners in India

Fundamental rights available only to citizens and  not to foreigners
Fundamental rights available to both citizens &  foreigners (except enemy aliens)
Article 15: Prohibition of  discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.
Article 14: Equality before law and  equal protection of laws.
Article 16: Equality of opportunity in  matters of public employment.
Article 20: Protection in respect of  conviction for offences.
Article 19: Protection of six rights  regarding freedom of (speech and expression, (ii) assembly (iii) association,  (iv) movement (v) residence and profession.
Article 21: Protection of life and  personal liberty.
Article 29: Protection of language,  script and culture of minorities.
Article 21A: Right to elementary  education.
Article 30: Right of minorities to  establish and administer educational institutions.
Article 22: Protection against arrest  and detention in certain cases.
Article 23: Prohibition of traffic and  human beings and forced labour.
Article 24: Prohibition of employment of  children in factories etc.
Article 25: Freedom of conscience and  free profession, practice and propagation of religion.
Article 26: Freedom to manage religious  affairs.
Article 27: Freedom from payment of  taxes for promotion of any religion.
Article 28: Freedom from attending  religious instruction or worship in certain educational institutions.
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