Etikoppaka toys

  • These are traditional toys of Andhra Pradesh
  • These traditional toys are made by artisans in Etikoppaka village located on banks of river Varaha in Visakhapatnam district of the state.
  • They are provide GI Tag.
  • The art of making traditional wooden Etikoppaka toys is more than 400 years old and it has been traditionally handed over to them by their ancestors through generations.
  • The art of this toy making is also known as turned wood Lacquer craft.
  • The toys are unique in shape and form.
  • They are made of wood and painted with natural dyes.
  • The wood used is from ‘Ankudi Karra’ (Wrightia tinctoria) tree that is soft in nature.
  • The natural dyes are prepared from seeds, lacquer, bark, roots and leaves.
  • These dynes are unique as they do not have heavy metal or toxic content in it.



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  1. It is almost 24 hrs since I Hav paid the money but there is not a single response.. Tried mail, whtsapp number..omg I dono were to vent out the frustration.. Some ppl r still answerable to Thier parents about where the money went… Bugged

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