Embryo transfer technology (ETT)

  • ETT is one of the most important reproductive biotechnologies where male and female genetic material can be utilized for faster improvement of livestock.
  • It has revolutionized breeding strategies in Bovines as tool to optimize genetic improvement in cattle.
  • Using it, embryos of higher genetic merit indigenous bovines such as Sahiwal, Gir, Red Sindhi, Ongole, Deoni and Vechur are being transferred in to surrogate cows.
  • Government is taking this technology to doorstep of farmers for rapid propogation of high genetic merit indigenous cattle.
  • Benefits of using ETT:
    • Farmer can get 5-6 fold increase in number of offsprings.
    • So born calves will be of high genetic merit
    • Offsprings born will be free from diseases.

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