• El-Nino is a weather phenomenon, during which temperature at sea surface is warmer than normal sea-surface temperatures.
  • El Nino is a warming of the Pacific Ocean between South America and the Date Line, centred directly on the Equator, and typically extending several degrees of latitude to either side of the equator.
  • It accompanies high air surface pressure in the western Pacific.
  • El Niño occurs when tropical Pacific Ocean trade winds die out and ocean temperatures become unusually warm.
  • In an El Niño year, abnormally warm equatorial Pacific waters pull moisture-laden clouds away from the subcontinent.
  • El Nino usually causes less than normal rainfall in the case of south-west monsoon.
  • However, it does the reverse in the case of the northeast monsoon. It causes above-normal rainfall during the northeast monsoon. Chennai Floods were caused due to heavy rainfall caused by strong NE Monsoon due to strong El-Nino.

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