Ease of Living Index


  • The index conceived in June 2017 aims to help cities assess their liveability vis-a-vis global and national benchmarks and encourage cities to move towards an ‘outcome-based’ approach to urban planning and management.
  • It covers 111 cities that are smart city contenders, capital cities and cities with population of 1 million plus.
  • It captures quality of life based on data collected from urban local bodies on four parameters, which were further broken down into 15 categories.
  • The four parameters include 
    • institutional (governance), 
    • social (identity, education, health, security), 
    • economic ( economy, employment) and 
    • physical factors (waste water and solid waste management, pollution, housing/ inclusiveness, mixed land use, power and water supply, transport, public open spaces).
  • Institutional and social parameters carry 25 points each, physical factors have weightage of 45 points and economic factors 5 points totalling to 100 mark scale on which cities were evaluated.
  • Index is released by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA).
  • Andhra Pradesh has topped Ease of Living Index rankings.


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