E-2025 Initiative – UPSC Prelims

  • Initiative launched by WHO to tackle Malaria.
  • Under this initiative WHO Identifies 25 countries with the potential to be malaria-free by 2025.
  • The E-2020 initiative was launched by WHO in 2017. The initiative supported 21 countries in their efforts to get to zero malaria cases within the 2020 timeline. The countries were identified by WHO in 2016 as having the potential to become malaria-free by 2020.
  • Building on the successes of the E-2020, WHO has launched the E-2025 initiative.
  • The countries will receive technical and on-the-ground support by WHO and its partners, in their work towards the target of zero malaria.
  • In return, the countries will audit their elimination programs annually, participate in elimination forums, conduct surveillance assessments, and share malaria case data periodically.
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