Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar

  • Dr. B R Ambedkar was born on 14 April 1891 at Mhow in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Ambedkar was elected as the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constituent Assembly.
  • He is called as the father of the Indian Constitution.
  • Bahishkrit Hitakarini Sabha was the first organization formed by Dr. Ambedkar in 1924.
  • Ambedkar was appointed as the first Law Minister of Independent India, but he resigned from the Cabinet on September 1951 due to differences with Nehru on the Hindu Code Bill.
  • Ambedkar got himself converted to Buddhism on October 14, 1956.
  • He died on December 6, 1956 at Delhi due to severe diabetic neurosis.
  • After his death, his political party Scheduled Caste Federation was renamed as Republican Party of India in 1957 by his followers.
  • Some of his famous books are:
    • ‘The Untouchable: Who are They and Why They Have Become Untouchables’;
    • ‘Buddha and His Dhamma’;
    • ‘The Rise and Fall of Hindu Women‘,
    • ‘Emancipation of Untouchables’,
    • ‘The Evolution of Provincial Finance in British India’;
    • ‘Pakistan or Partition of India‘,
    • ‘Thoughts on Linguistic States’

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